Restaurant Maren Anna is located in the harbor at Sørvågen, right between the sea, gills and mountains.
You can find us easily whether you come from the ferry at Moskenes,
drive towards Å or come down from our highest mountain peak "Hermannsdalstiden".

Come straight down to the harbour, where we can serve cold drinks and local dishes,
a good start to your holiday or perhaps a reward after a long mountain hike.

Our team will welcome you in a warm and cozy atmosphere,
and we hope that we will be remembered as one of the highlights of your trip here in Lofoten!


A good meal never goes wrong.
But if the meal is placed in the middle of a Nordic nature dream, then it is bound to become an unforgettable memory..

...The scents of freshly baked bread, the butter melting in the frying pan, the aroma of all the delicious sauces, the energy in the air of a full restaurant, orders being called out and executed by the chefs with high pulse to get everything ready in time and making everything harmonize on the plate.

The perfect balance between salty, sweet, sour and hot so that the taste buds dance as the food hits the palette of the mouth and the view of the sea and mountains adds the last touch.


The building that houses the Maren Anna restaurant was built in 1914. At first it was an oilseed factory and canning factory, then it was used for clipfish - and dry fish storage.

Today it is a restaurant with a cozy interior that helps to highlight the building's fascinating architecture.

Restaurant Maren Anna is named after a boat; a "sloop" that transported fish and other goods from Sørvågen.

Sørvågen is the gateway to many of the mountain tours here in Moskenes, Munken, including Hermandalstinden, Munkan, Tindstinden and the more family friendly Kollfjellet.

For a short visit to Sørvågen, you can take a walk around Sørvågvannet or visit the telecommunications museum. The telegraph at Sørvågen was actually the second wireless telegraph in the world! It is said that they came rowing from Røst with the message "We hear docks!!" Glåpen is also a very nice and easily accessible hiking area on Sørvågen.

You can go up the stairs to Glåpstanga, and from here you have a fantastic view of Å, Tind, Værøy and Sørvågen.

We are happy to set up an offer for you or your company on accommodation, activities or special menus that suit your wishes. Contact us at
Accommodation. We can be helpful in providing rorbu accommodation. We encourage you to be out in good time, at least 7 to 8 months in advance of bookings In June, July and August.
We also have 9 rooms with a private shower and toilet in each room for reserations Sørvågen Inn.